Our community comes together from across the globe to accelerate women leaders of change into positions of power and influence so that decisions are made in the interests of humanity and the planet resulting in a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

Learn about how our catalysts and volunteers are advancing social and environmental change around the world.

Meet Haley Fletcher Bethune

Haley is the Director, Learning & Education at Serious Fun Children’s Network. This global nonprofit is a worldwide network of camps and programs that provide life-changing opportunities for children and families who are impacted by serious illness.


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Meet Whitney Buchmann

Whitney helps her clients create sustainable communities rooted in equality and justice, design programs that result in greater food security, racial justice and health equity.


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Meet Tia Kansara

Tia is a multi-award-winning impact entrepreneur. The youngest to receive the Royal Institute British Architects honorary fellowship. She is the co-founder of Kansara Hackney, and CEO of Replenish Earth.


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Meet Zara Tajwar

Zara is a lawyer and social entrepreneur who cares deeply about women rights and access to justice. She is based in Pakistan and is the founder of ‘Lawomen’, a platform that connects women advocates to women victims of human rights violations.


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Meet Tamiko Nettles

Tamiko is a lifelong educator and author who develops impactful programs to motivate students, leaders and build effective teams. Tamiko cares about people. She works to improve educator experiences, end homelessness, and empower communities.


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Meet Sharon Gilor

Sharon is a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) working with executives, directors, and mobile employees of international companies, a cross-cultural trainer helping people to effectively manage international relations, global business behaviors, and virtual worldwide teams, and a consultant for relocation and transitions in life.


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Meet Jade Tjia

Jade helps curious, growth-oriented individuals increase their impact with less self-doubt, overwork, or stress, so that they feel more clear, confident, and energized. She is an accredited coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.


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