Jade Tjia, WIA Coach

Jade helps curious, growth-oriented individuals increase their impact with less self-doubt, overwork, or stress, so that they feel more clear, confident, and energized. She is an accredited coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

WIA: How did you find out about the Women’s Impact Alliance (WIA)?

Jade: I was looking for volunteer opportunities to use my coaching skills in a way that was aligned with my values. So I hopped on Google and came across the Women’s Impact Alliance.

WIA: Why were you drawn to WIA, and what made it a good match for you and your values?

Jade: I care very much about social and environmental impact. For example, when I was a teenager, I would wonder about the waste that our household was generating on a daily and weekly basis and the rubbish our neighborhood and broader communities would send to landfill.

I’m also interested in stories of individuals overcoming adversity and increasing equity and inclusion of people with identities that are under-represented or systemically marginalized, including women.

So the intersection of women in social and environmental impact was a perfect way for me to align the things that I care about with my professional skills.

WIA: Why are you so moved to be a WIA coach? What motivates you to continue as a coach?

Jade: I continue to be a WIA coach because I find it rewarding and enriching. I love coaching; it feels like a calling. Through WIA, I get to coach women who are doing inspiring things in the world, including those who live in places around the world I wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.

WIA: What has being a WIA coach taught you? What have you learned?

Jade: This experience has reinforced for me how diverse everyone’s gifts and talents are. The contributions of everyone in the program are all different and important. They don’t need to be making headlines to have a meaningful impact. What’s important is their personal fulfillment, together with the progress they’re making daily.

WIA: What advice would you give to someone considering applying to WIA?

Jade: It’s an amazing opportunity and a chance to explore topics that we may not necessarily talk about with colleagues or even friends. If you’re willing to go beneath the surface in your own self-exploration and focus on what really matters, the experience can expand your horizons so you’ll see the world differently.

WIA: Tell me about the potential that you see in these women.

Jade: I can see and sense their commitment to the work that they’re doing and the desire to make an impact that’s personally meaningful to them. I see so much potential in each of them, and I feel so honored to coach these women. I’m inspired by the energy and openness I’ve experienced with the Fellows.

WIA: What are some of the benefits of the WIA program?

Jade: Knowing that there’s support and resources available throughout the program and beyond for alumni. The inner work and self-reflection become tools you can use for a lifetime.

WIA: What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Jade: With confidence building being a common theme, it’s wonderful to witness the shift that happens when a participant I’m coaching begins to change their relationship with their inner critic or the parts of themselves that they perceive as sabotaging them. When they become aware that these so-called sabotaging behaviors are a coping mechanism or survival strategy, the energy softens, and I see the inner work start to pay off. So one of my favorite moments is being part of this transformation and helping the participant to experience a more loving, compassionate self-relationship - which helps to build self-confidence.

WIA: Any further thoughts about your work with WIA?

Jade: I’m grateful to WIA for providing this opportunity for me to get involved with this work and for providing the structure and the scaffolding for the program. As a coach, to know each participant meets requirements that are carefully thought out with much attention to detail makes me even more excited and inspired to coach them. I know both of us will be ready and willing to dive in.