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2022 WIA Annual Impact Report

2022 was a year of expanding both our impact and our vision. As a member of The Women’s Impact Alliance community, you helped us do that. It’s my pleasure to share some highlights of the remarkable year you were a part of creating.


We Have A New Name

A significant turning point in 2022 was when we changed our name from The Coaching Fellowship to The Women’s Impact Alliance. The new name reflects an evolution of how we see ourselves and the impact we are making. We started as a small nonprofit offering a 3-month coaching engagement for young women in social impact.

Today, we provide a one-year leadership development program and are a vibrant, worldwide community with over 1500 young women in social impact and environmental action.

Becoming the Women’s Impact Alliance means that, in addition to providing world class leadership development, we are stepping into advocacy for women’s leadership in social change. We will shine a spotlight on the remarkable members of the Women’s Impact Alliance as models for a new, collaborative way of leading.

As the Alliance and its members become increasingly visible, we believe that women leaders will be instrumental in changing the prevailing leadership paradigm of domination to one where all voices are included, the planet is protected, and people everywhere are thriving.

We are deeply grateful to Monique Johnson of MoJo Design for her thoughtful, impactful design of our new logo and website.

We Launched a Year-Long Program

In the summer of 2022, we launched our new year-long leadership accelerator program.

The Empowered Leader Program is a one-of-a-kind, transformational, one-year leadership program designed to accelerate leadership capacity.

It is the only program specifically created for high-potential and early-career women working in social and environmental change. We expanded from a six-month to a year-long program to meet the growing leadership needs of the women we serve. By doing so, we:

Claire Doyle, Founder, and Educational Consultant, Floating Resources, Netherlands

“Before joining the Women’s Impact Alliance, I had so many ideas, a lot of dreams, and a lot of passion. And I always thought they were too big, in a way. I always thought I had to cut them down or make them smaller in order to achieve them. After joining the Women’s Impact Alliance and being paired with the most incredible coach, I was able to navigate through those feelings, and I learned so many skills. At the end of the day, I didn’t have to make any of those dreams smaller. I just had to make myself bigger to reach them.”

Claire Doyle, Founder, and Educational Consultant, Floating Resources, Netherlands

Our Volunteer Coaches Delivered Again

Our dedicated team of 220 coaches generously give their time and expertise to support the growth of our Catalysts. Collectively they delivered 3,135 hours of coaching for a value of $877,800.

Coaching is at the heart of our Empowered Leader Program, and our volunteer coaches once again went above and beyond to empower and champion our Catalysts.

Jade Tjia, WIA Coach, Australia

“I can see and sense their commitment to the work that they’re doing and the desire to make an impact that’s personally meaningful to them. I see so much potential in each of them, and I feel so honored to coach these women. I’m inspired by the energy and openness I’ve experienced with the Catalysts.”

Jade Tjia, WIA Coach, Australia

Our Team Expanded

In February 2022, we welcomed Athena Katsaros into the newly created position of Board Chair at WIA. Athena was a founding board member and has been a great support to me as Executive Director from the beginning. Her knowledge and understanding of coaching, non-profits, business, women’s rights, and women’s empowerment are exceptional.

Rocco Capobianco came on board as our Treasurer. Rocco has deep experience in finance as well as nonprofits and has added a new level of financial focus to the organization.

Adila Ghafour became WIA’s Graphic Designer and has been instrumental in bringing our new brand to life with her creativity in design and animation.

We Engaged With Two New Impact Partners

We introduced the idea of Impact Partners – organizations aligned with our values and contributed to WIA financially or in other ways to further our mission. The Coactive Training Institute and Ensemble Capital joined us in 2022 as our first-ever Impact Partners.

We Provided Coaching to Social Impact Organizations

In addition to our Empowered Leader Program, we provide coaching to organizations that work in the social impact sector. We continued our work in 2022 with the prestigious Cartier Women’s Initiative and RippleWorks, which support social entrepreneurship. We began a new relationship with Dimagi, which provides technical solutions to organizations that work on the frontlines of social impact.

Financials for FY 2022

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Income: Expenses:
Donations = $88,171 Salaries and Taxes = $257,558
Programs = $256,969 General and Administrative = $71,873
Total revenue = $345,140
Revenue less expenses = $15,709

What’s ahead in 2023

Thought Leadership, Theory of Transformation, and Advocacy

Thought Leadership is a key element of the WIA strategy to create a more inclusive world where women of all backgrounds rise to leadership positions and influence.

Building on the publication of my book Unlocked: How Empowered Women Empower Women and the speaking I did in 2022, we will continue to establish WIA as thought leaders in women’s leadership, particularly in the social change arena.

Among our activities will be our new speaker series, The Global Ignite Sessions, where we will feature women from different regions of the world and varied backgrounds to speak on social and environmental issues and solutions.

We will finalize our Theory of Transformation, which will guide us as we begin to develop a strategy and plan for advocacy work that will amplify the voice of women leaders of social change and environmental action.

A Strong Foundation for Growth

WIA is positioned to grow in scale and impact over the next five years. To be ready, we will focus on creating a solid foundation for growth.

Building and nurturing relationships is a key value at WIA, so we will put new systems into place to support our communication and connection with our community. 2023 will also bring broader global outreach to potential Catalysts and community members by expanding our online presence.

For our growing community of Alumnae Catalysts, we will have new offerings, including The Coaching Habit, presented by Box of Crayons.

Finally, we will expand our team, creating greater capacity to grow our community and impact.

I feel grateful every day for you and all members of our community. Your love and support of the work we do at the Women’s Impact Alliance make it all possible.

I look forward to staying in touch with you over the next year and sharing our news and stories of our remarkable Catalysts.

With gratitude,

Jane Finette, Founder and Executive Director of The Women’s Impact Alliance

Jane Finette, Founder and Executive Director of The Women’s Impact Alliance