Cost of the Program

Thanks to the generosity of our coaches and donors, we offer The Empowered Leader Program at a greatly subsidized rate.

Thanks to the generosity of our coaches and volunteers who work completely pro-bono, we are able to offer the Empowered Leader Program at a highly subsidized rate.

We are committed to providing executive-level leadership coaching, leadership development programming and network access as equitably as possible. We offer a sliding scale model for program fees, which helps ensure leaders from diverse economic and organizational backgrounds gain equal access to our program.

We have designed this program specifically for leaders in the social impact sector, who do not have access to robust professional development resources. Our tiered pricing system allows you to select the program price that best works for you. The selected tier will in no way impact your program experience.

We ask that you consider the following in determining the appropriate pricing tier:

  • Think honestly and carefully about your personal situation to determine the program fee that fits your individual needs and ability. Please bear in mind that for us to be able to offer a sliding scale pricing model, we have to rely on those of you, who can afford a higher pricing tier, to actually do so. If you can make a higher tier payment, know that your contribution will directly support a woman leader in a less fortunate situation.
  • We understand that income is only a small piece of determining affordability and that cost of living, debt, supporting family members, and a number of other factors must be taken into account.
  • You might have people in your network who are excited to support you in participating in The Empowered Leader Program! Please take into account resources and personal assets that you might be able to draw on for your participation.
  • We encourage organizations to invest in your professional and personal development, by covering all or part of your program fees. Upon request we will provide additional documentation to help secure funding, should your organization require it.
  • We further understand that this kind of financial evaluation can be challenging and is entirely subjective. We encourage you to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to support you in determining the appropriate fee for you, and thank you for supporting us in our efforts to democratize coaching and leadership development.

Tier One: $1395 USD — This level is appropriate for leaders coming from well-resourced corporate benefit companies, private social enterprise ventures, and nonprofit organizations such as foundations and social impact consulting companies.

Tier Two: $1295 USD — This level is best suited for leaders in mid to large-size regional, national or global organizations that have allocated funds toward professional development. If you are able to split program costs with your organization this would also be the recommended tier for you.

Tier Three: $1195 USD — This level is best suited for leaders in mid-sized organizations with limited budgets and limited or no access to professional development resources.

Tier Four: $995 USD — This tier is best suited for leaders in the social impact sector working for budget-constrained organizations serving in communities of high need and with no professional development budgets for their employees. Additionally this program fee is appropriate for applicants who come from under-represented and under-resourced communities.

If you are selected to participate in the Empowered Leader Program, you may pay your program fee when you confirm your place, or over a number of monthly installments.