What are your go-to coaching resources? Do you have articles, assessments, or videos that have helped you develop as a coach, or work with your clients?

This library is continually growing, and we would LOVE you to help share these key resources with your fellow TCFS coach community!


Using the Library

There are three tools you can use to search the Resource Library

  1. Filter: this feature can be found at the top left corner of the page. Filtering search results will display ONLY resources that match the search criteria you provide. Clicking on it will bring up a menu option to filter your search results by a number of criteria. After you click on filter, open the dropdown menu that has a little triangle on the right and choose the criteria you want to filter with.  The filter criteria that we recommend using the most often is:

    • Type: This filter will provide you with a drop down menu of different types of resources available. For example, if you are looking for all resources that TCFS provides fellows as part of the Fellowship, this is the filter you would use.
    • Language: While currently limited, as coaches and the TCFS team adds more resources to the library, you can use this filter to find resources available by which language they are written in.
    • Topic: Perhaps the most useful filter, you can use this option to search for resources that address specific topics provided in a dropdown menu. To search by Topic, please click Filter, then +Add filter; under the Name Menu select “Topic” and a dropdown menu will open on the right side so that you can choose the resources by the Topic you are interested in.
  2. Sort: This feature is also in the top left corner of the page next to the “Filter” option. Sorting search results will display resources that match the search criteria alphabetically. For example, if you select “sort by Date Published, 9–1” you will see resources with the most recent publication dates first.
  3. The “Find” feature: This is the small magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will search for and locate a specific work within the resource library. For example, if you type in “leader”, it will highlight all resources that have the work “leader” in the information.

TIP: If you would like to see the resources on a slightly larger screen, you can click “View Larger Version” at the bottom right corner and it will pop out the Resource Library screen to a new window!