The Coaching Fellowship is Now The Women’s Impact Alliance!

A Message From Our Founder

I’m bursting with joy as I write these words of exciting news!

Since 2014, The Coaching Fellowship has worked to advance women leaders in social and environmental change all across the globe. More than 1,500 women from 85+ countries have been supported by our generous donors and a worldwide volunteer network of 220+ executive leadership coaches and experts.

Now, we’re taking a big step on our journey to advance and accelerate women who are creating the greatest change in the world. On Oct 3rd 2022, we became The Women's Impact Alliance (WIA).

We’re the same organization with the same values and people doing the same important work, providing leadership development, coaching, and access to an extraordinary network of high-potential and game-changing women leaders of impact.

With our new name comes new energy and new possibilities as we realize our mission to accelerate women leaders into positions of power and influence so that decisions are made in the interests of humanity and the planet resulting in a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

We’ve come a long way since I started offering coaching to a handful of young women leaders in social change in my tiny cottage in California, and we couldn’t have done it without so many giving their head, heart, and hands, and hard-earned dollars too.

Thank you, as always, to our donors, volunteers, volunteer coaches, and friends for your unwavering support and dedication over so many years in creating a better world for all of us.

Welcome to the WIA!


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